My Story- Max

My brother Mitchell inspired me to share this story. I hope it somehow gives you some value. 
It was around September in 2015, just another ordinary day after school, training in the boxing gym with our group who had a family-like culture.

It has been over three years and I still remember it perfectly, how could I ever forget? The police officer (who was also a close friend of him) walked in halfway through training, we all thought he was just stopping by to say hi; unfortunately he was here to deliver a message we would never expect. 

Someone who was in our boxing family, my friend, brother, son and much more to so many people, he had passed away that morning. I will not disclose the details of his death, however, anti-depressant were found lying next to him; who could have ever thought? A bloke who always wore a smile and radiated such happiness could be going through depression?!?

The question that always haunts me till this day is, could I have done something? If we had known, could we have been there for him? Would he still be here with us

It’s also at this point where you realise how important life is, how short it can be, how tough and relentless it is and how precious. 

It’s fine to be going through a rough patch in life, we all do - it’s normal to have the weight of the world on your shoulders, but that weight can always be reduced with those besides you. Speak up even if your voice shakes and if your voice isn’t shaking, then go share the weight with somebody’s whose is. We’re all much stronger than we would ever believe! Don’t give up. For every dark night, there’s a brighter day.